Bronze - Barry Stein

With a practiced eye and great imagination, Barry Stein coaxes wood and then bronze into the shapes of wildlife, producing flamboyant bronze frogs, leaping  fish, a bronze elephant mother tenderly nudging her baby, or a pair of magnificent elk with antlers clashing.


Known worldwide,  Barry Stein's work can be found in galleries in England, France, Germany, China, Singapore and the U.S.

Royal Conflict
SKU: 108242
30" x 38"
Wings of Fury
SKU: 108240
36" x 40"
Eagle Pride of America
SKU: 108238
30" tall
Spirit of Wind
SKU: 108239
24" x 22"
Red Tailed Hawk
SKU: 108241
39" x 36" x 23"
Morning Catch
SKU: 108237
28" x 19"
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