Porcelain - Lladro Collection

All Lladro pieces are handmade in the brand's workshops in The City or Porceliain (located in Valencia, Spain), following an entirely artisan process.


From the initial sketches to the final firing at high temperatures, each step in the process is carried out by artists and artisans working under the attentice eyes of the Lladro family.


Employing various techniques of modeling in clay or pristicine, the sculpture creates the volumes and shapes of the sketch, making the most of this material before continuing in the more rigid support of plaster, in which all the details, textures and features that complete the original piece are engraved. 


Once the modeling is finished, the piece is divided into as many fragments as necessary for the work to be reproduced in porcelain. From each of the resulting fragments, a mold is obtained and filled with liquid porcelain paste in order to create the different parts of the figurine. Expert hands then put the work together using porcelain paste for adhesive. 


We carry these pieces and more in our galleries. If interested, please call us at (415)397-4119.

Love for Ballet
SKU: 104471 | Limited Edition 300 pieces
Flowers Forever
SKU: 109259
Lion Dance
SKU: 109269
In the Balustrade
SKU: 109273
Hina Dolls Festival
SKU: 105000
Backstage Ballet
SKU: 103502
Flowers for Everyone
SKU: 101022
Saint George
SKU: 109268
Great Golden Dragon
SKU: 109267
Ladies from Aranjuez
SKU: 106707
At the Derby
SKU: 105717
SKU: 104117
Venetian Fantasy
SKU: 108450
Oriental Horses
SKU: 105025
A Grand Adventure
SKU: 103632 | Limited Edition 500 pieces
Gondola of Love
SKU: 103175
The Emperor's Forest
SKU: 105237
Cinderella's Arrival
SKU: 100316
Flower Wagon
SKU: 102584
01001775 (102583)
SKU: 102583
Tea in the Garden
SKU: 100993
Three Sisters
SKU: 104654
Century Coach
SKU: 36237 | Limited Edition 500 pieces
Flowers of the Season
SKU: 100991
Young Couple with Car
SKU: 104825 | Limited Edition 1500 pieces
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